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cover-website.jpgOur Journey, the digital edition  - the book that will captivate your imagination and stimulate your passion for piping and drumming.  Never before have so many of the World's legends shared their stories - we are proud to document the important history of pipers and drummers along with their trials and tribulations.

Every individual featured in the digital book has won at least one Grade 1 World Championship, a Gold Medal, a Clasp or the Glenfiddich title.  Solo Pipers, band Pipers, side drummers, tenor drummers, bass drummers and drum majors - between them, a total of 185 World Pipe Band Championships, 23 Gold Medals, 15 Clasps and 5 Glenfiddichs. 

Join each Champion on their journey to the top.  Experience their emotions, their mistakes and their triumphs.


Alternatively, you can purchase a hardcopy from our online store. (While stocks last)


ruc-drum-book-cover.jpgThe Royal Ulster Constabulary Drum Corps was one of the World's finest pipe band drum corps' of all time, winning the World Drum Corps Prize in 2000. It was led by some of the most famous and prestigious pipe band drummers in Ireland. The RUC Drum Corps had a very distinctive style of Scottish drumming, a style of music that is quite intricate and certainly written with a lot of rhythmical flair.

This collection of 40 Pipe Band drum compositions by the RUC drum corps offers an array of top Scottish drum scores in pdf format, penned by the late Bobby Rea, Gary Corkin, Robert Holland and other drummers that played in the drum corps.  Some of the tunes featured are Lord Alexander Kennedy, Donald Cameron, The Cameronian Rant, Pretty Marion and a lot of others.




The No More Nerves Book helps performers deal with stage fright and performance pressure. Have you ever felt nervous when you have performed in public? Well, millions of people are in the same boat. 

Whether you are a Bagpiper, Drummer, Public Speaker, Musician, Athlete or a Performer you will have felt butterflies in your tummy, those nervous sweats, memory loss and general nerves.  The winners in life are the people who learn to understand and cope with this performance pressure.  No More Nerves will help you become a Winner!

James Laughlin, 7-Time World Champion and renowned mentor has developed the No More Nerves eBook to help you overcome your stage fright and get rid of those nerves forever.

Stage Fright, Butterflies, Performance Pressure, Performance Anxiety, Nerves...call it what you like. But they are all the same, and can be cured.  Performance pressure is caused by a mindset of inflated expectations, fear of failure and an unhealthy attitude towards your competition. On the website and in the No More Nerves eBook you will discover the causes of pressure, how we physically and mentally experience pressure, how to develop coping mechanisms and understanding what a winning mindset really is.

If you have ever felt nervous, or feel that your performance could be impacted by nerves in the future, read this ebook!


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